Dji Mav Air 2

It has arrived at last :slight_smile: 6 days on next day delivery, but it is here now :slight_smile: plus a £30 refund for all the messing around :slight_smile: All Battery’s charged, Controller Charged, Updates complete, dji refresh sorted, liability insurance done, Mem card fitted and formated, Flyer ID on Drone, Phone works with Drone :slight_smile: checked all settings (reset max range to 200m, for test flights) and now just need the weather to hold out for the weekend so I can start flying lol



Exciting times :smiley:

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Its a great feeling! Enjoy! :grinning:

Now just waiting for new skin to arrive :slight_smile: once it looks like old Drone (Not light grey) GF will not notice I have bought a another drone lol :wink:


Welcome to the skies lol also I did something similar I brought the mavic mini then a few months later brought the MA2 but didn’t tell the missus and just never got them both out at the same time I’m pretty sure she didn’t notice the size change :rofl:

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Great little toy. I have one of those and couldn’t be happier.

Happy flying

Waiting for mine to arrive, hopefully tomorrow! Pity the weather looks a bit naff this weekend in Norwich.

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There will be plenty of time to fly and been in the location, the good days will be awesome :star_struck:


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Guess I walked into that one lol

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