DJI Mavic 3 Classic w/ RC - FlySafe Update failing using MicroSD card

Here’s an odd one…

Since the last firmware update (Mavic 3 Classic = 01.00.6000, RC = 01.03.1200) I’ve been unable to update the FlySafe database. FlySafe shows an update available, but was failing every time somewhere between about 5% and 40% through the download.

Started typing up this post to ask if anybody else was having the same and thought a screen recording might be useful, so recorded one on to the MicroSD card I had in the controller.

Took the card out to stick in my laptop then, with the card still out, thought I’d try the update one more time. Blow me, it worked.

The card checks out okay (fsck reports all healthy and my Mac is having no trouble reading the contents or writing to it). But it’s going in the “do not use” pile for now until I can check the next FlySafe update with a different card.

Anybody else experienced similar?

Was the card formatted in the controller ??

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It was, yes. Been in there for ages too and happily writing all the cache files, screenshots, etc. Just seemed to be a problem with the FlySafe update

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Not sure I’ve heard of this on any drone before, Joe.

Possible DJI bug? :thinking: :person_shrugging:t2:


Yeah, it’s a weird one … had done a bit of Googling before posting and being unable to download the FlySafe updates after a firmware update seems to be a recurring thing going back a couple of years across multiple DJI drones, but the advice from DJI seems to always be a factory reset of the controller/drone and try again (which doesn’t seem to have fixed anything and is followed up with a suggestion to log it with support).

Haven’t come across anybody fixing it by taking the MicroSD card out… but then maybe I’m just odd in even trying that :wink:

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Is this with the controller connected to:

  1. WiFi, or
  2. Computer using DJI Assistant

If 1, then try 2.

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It was just on the wifi. I plan to stick the card back in for the next update and see what happens… if it fails again, I’ll try option 2 :+1: Ta :slight_smile:

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What we have had quite a few reports of over the years Joe, is firmware updates failing via WiFi but then working first time if switched to update via the phones mobile data connection :person_shrugging:t2: