DJI Mavic 3 - Flying Over Mount Everest

Blimey - DJI have pulled out all the stops for this one. I’m wary about China but I love DJI’s products. Lord only knows what modifications they made for it to fly that high and in those temperatures and I wonder how many batteries they needed! Let alone how long it took to film all that.


Blowing smoke up DJI’s orifices is the last thing on my wish list - but that’s great footage.

If I had the money, climbing Everest is pretty high up there! (pun unavoidable).

8k RAW would be nice, too.

(Hopefully my MP won’t read this.)


= 30,291ft = 5.737 miles!

… although that counter isn’t real time - only added in post - but one assumes they used accurate data.

= 30,291ft = 5.737 miles!

Phenomenal. And hovering too!!!