DJI Mavic Air Fly More Combo Artic White - Assembled but never used - [SOLD]

I purchased this DJI Mavic Air Combo at a cost of £845 with great intentions, however with the Covid situation it was never used and now I don’t have the confidence to fly it. In addition to the complete kit I will also include a control mount for an ipad.All components were removed from the box when I bought the drone and I charged the 3 batteries, apart from removing everything for the purpose of taking the photo’s it’s never left the house.I will only send this item within mainland UK, so no overseas buyers.

Price is £575 including Royal Mail 48 hour Tracked delivery.
Otherwise my location is NP23 4RN for collection (subject to shielding conditions).


I can’t seem to find any way of editing this post? The drone is advertised at £575 on an auction site, I intended offering it to Grey Arrow members for less but entered the wrong price here, so if you are a Grey Arrows member the price shown here is less 15% (£488). Apologies for my mistake.


Hi Nigel, I am looking at getting a Mavic air and am interested in yours but I am very nervous about getting a second hand one. Why are you too nervous about flying it now?


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I wouldn’t describe mine as second hand, it’s never been used. The rules and regulations concerning drone use and the limited areas where a drone can be used has totally put me off flying a drone. It was only after I joined this forum did I realise the reality of it, a hobby for me is something that one can relax and enjoy. Unfortunately flying a drone no longer falls within this remit.

However if you have your own land and it isn’t within a restricted zone then I can see it’s merits as a hobby.

As for buying a drone, there’s plenty of disillusioned drone owners with unused drones for sale on auction sites such as ebay, good luck.


Thanks Nigel