DJI Mavic Air prop replacement

On Thursday the Mavic seemed to fly off on its own, not far and crashed into my fence. Not much damage done, except for a broken prop.
No problem, I have two sets of spares in the Fly More kit.
I replaced the broken one, and the aircraft fails to lift off cleanly, it just tilts to one side.
So, the question is this:
Do I have to replace all 4 props?
No big deal, it just seems a little odd.

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I’ve not seen Mavic Air props before but I’m assuming one set has a white dot on it and the other set doesn’t, to indicate which corner they need to go on.

Did you replace like-for-like?

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Thanks, I honestly don’t know, I’ll have to have a good look and see if I can see any dots or markings.
I just figured a prop was a prop, but maybe this isn’t the case.

They’re definitely different @Ampsy

Check this video out, it highlights the markings I mentioned:

Thanks for the video link.
I was busy in the manual and found that they have dots!
The confusing thing for me is having two packs of spare props, one pack is all with dots, the other pack has no dots.
Suitably educated now, thanks for your help.
I’ll show myself out now lol


Glad it was an easy fix :slight_smile:

Carry out some basic checks. Look at the drone from the front and then sides with the props off see if any of the legs are tilting to one side or other. Do the same with the motors. If all is ok l would change all props and see how it behaves… this should allow you to isolate the problem if there is one.

Thanks! Seem to have resolved this - I didn’t notice that the packs of props were different, one pack clockwise rotation, and the other were anti-clockwise rotation! Schoolboy error there.
And it’s blindingly obvious now that they would rotate in different directions, I must have been tired!
Test flight later and we will see, but no other damage is visible so I think it will be fine.
Odd that it crashed in the first place though, but when I took it back out yesterday the compass required calibration again, possible the cause of the problem, but no warning before the slight bump.


Always after a crash check that thd drone is still true and everything ix wherd it should be… last thing you want is for it to fall out of the sky or run away from you, it is after all a lethal weapon

Yeah, all checked and flew fine with the damaged prop to test.
I wouldn’t take any risks, as you say, it can do a lot of damage if things go wrong.
I’ll test again in the garden to be certain though now the new prop is fitted. App says all is fine as well though.

All the best with thd flying hope it goes smoothly :ok_hand: :grinning: