DJI Mavic Mini distance/range

How far have people got in the Distance with mavic mini

About 200ft before I lost sight of it… it’s, um… Mini :blush:

More here: Search results for 'mavic mini range' - Grey Arrows Drone Club UK


I’ve got about just over 1000 ft before my brain took over and flew it back. Its perfect for close by shots but I don’t think I trust it with long range what with it being so damn small and light. I’ll leave the long distances to my heavies.

2.1km but then the “inner chicken” came to the fore.


I’ve had mine up to 350 feet. Its was utterly still - not a breath of wind upto about 500 foot.
It was about 2 feet from the take off point.

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How did you Managed to get that far because my drone won’t go that far


@Shaun1983 i haven’t got a clue. I regularly fly from my house down to the river, at times 1km+
I sometimes think that there are different batches of MM’s. But what do I know. A few times I only managed 500- 700m, but that is probably due to small villages eother side of my flight path

Have you got the max height & distance set low?

@anon63544368 if you’re asking me than no, 120m max altitude. 4700m something distance. But I installed a “screen timer off” app as I can set my screen time off to only 10minutes. No WiFi, mobile data or Bluetooth on and always in airplane mode.
If it is a weak signal, go higher, less interference at high altitudes

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Yes I have my max height and Distant settings

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Why’s this screen timer off app please what’s the app called as I have a iPhone 11

What are the ground features at the 2.1km turnaround point? (They look like racing tracks, but can’t be…)

There are, at times, scramblers going that way @facherty

No I’ve got them set to high

Hmmm :thinking:
This is true but there is also more wind :wind_face:
This little drone simply has not got enough power to return in strong winds.
I, personally, would not fly mine at the distances stated here. VLOS goes out of the window.
But I suppose we each pay our money and take our choice.

VLOS with the mini? With my eyesight I’d never fly further than 100m. Just saying! They call it the mini for a reason :joy:


I’m a new Mavic Mini owner and have less than an hour of flight time but something isn’t right. I can’t fly more than 200M without losing connection. I’ve tried choosing low level green 2.4ghz channels, I have my antennae set vertical and I have direct line of site. On my latest flight I am by the sea and a country park 2 miles from the nearest town and I get " Aircraft in high interference environment. Fly with caution(Code: 80015)" then I lose connection. I changed channels but still kept hitting the same problem. Any thoughts?

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You wearing a smart watch ?

Are you flying in airplane mode with Bluetooth off ?

I was not in airplane mode and bluetooth was switched on. Interested to konw how that makes any difference?