DJI Mavic Mini teardown photos (inc battery)



Using 18650 lithium-ion rather than Lipos.

Higher energy density, explains the 30 minute flight times.


The first couple of pictures remind me of dissecting frogs at school. :nauseated_face::frog:



Be interesting to see inside the Japanese LiPos for comparison eh?

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What was the weight difference again?

18650 cells weigh about 45-50g each. So there is 100 gram of battery in that pack.

It needs to be 2 batteries in series and the smaller lithium ion cells dont have high enough discharge current.

Probably a small lipo… but Lipos and and Lion have different discharge curves and voltages, would need to be changed automaticaly in firmware depending on what battery is fitted.

Edit - just read your post again and you have confirmed it was a lipo :man_facepalming:

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50g on the dot.

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I didn’t realise Samsung made batteries. As a once proud owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 I thought the recall was due to batteries from outside suppliers being prone to self-combustion.

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Samsung and Sony make some of the best 18650 batteries you can get. Mainly for laptop battery packs.

Use Samsung in my Ecig.

The flat phone batteries are made by third party.


So,should be possible to solder in new 18650 batteries,if they become knackered…:wink::wink:

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Hi can you buy these different batteries easily for the mini drone

Not seen any UK stockists (with stock) yet, but I’d expect them to be readily available within four weeks.

Were you asking about the actual 18650 lithium-ion batteries?
They can be bought easily enough. A pretty ubiquitous battery in many things.

A more complete teardown, with bit of a how-to:

I am sorry for my English.
American friends public high quality photo of RF module in drone for FCC version. FCC and CE version has hardware difference (not Firmware):

Can you help to Me to find high quality photo and model number of RF amplify chips in CE version (in red circle on photo)?

Looks like the controller is missing an IC too:


Time to warm up the soldering iron :smiley:

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@Blithe74 looks like some differences here too:

Yes, the place in yellow circle intended for the high power adjustable amplifier 5.8GHz for FCC version. The place in red circle intended for 2 low power amplifier 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz for CE version. I need model name for 2 chips in red circle for CE version.

Yes, I think RF chips in drone and control is identical.
Please make high quality photo for RF module in the control and drone. On the chips I see the letter…

@Blithe74 are you on slack? Come to the #hardware channel if so, there are lots of photos and discussions already taking place there.