DJI MII 2 flying in the city of Mellieha on the 22nd and 24th of Nov 2021

This was the City I stayed in while on the island of Malta, was a very busy city, with lots of traffic.


Thanks Thomas, nice video. Looks a little tricky taking off from your balcony, quite a few hazards, but executed nicely :clap:

Lovely Parish Church too. Apparently buillt in 1881 with construction lasting 7 years. The materials were transported by the locals from the shoreline. The bell towers and dome weren’t finished until 1940.

Thank you for your kind words, yes it was tricky but was well worth the effort, and I am glad you like the video and thank you for the information on the church, regards TJK UK.

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Great Video Well done

Thanks John regards TJK UK.