DJI Mini 2 - 440052 Warning - Battery power limit

Out flying yesterday and this warning briefly appeared. One I’ve never encountered before… Wind speed wasn’t particularly strong at that point…

I don’t know what the question is :thinking: :blush:

What were you flying? The DJI Mini 2?

What’s the warning all about? :joy:

Yes Flying a Mini 2


Make sure your batteries have the latest firmware, and not just the drone :+1:

I’ve never seen or heard of this warning before :confused:

AirData sees it rare-to-avererage, bit like a steak.

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Have you had this one pop up before, Chris?

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Never. But there are some on the Mavic forum who have said its due to battery firmware being older that the drone’s firmware. Their solution was to update the battery firmware inline with the drone’s.

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Silly question but how is that done…I’ve never seen a battery firmware update?

There’s a post somewhere, bear with…

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Try the steps in this post: DJI Mini 2 firmware updates - #45

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Either in your Fly app or on the DJI Assistant on the PC (with the drone connected via USB).

I prefer the 2nd method, as it will always tell you (a) what you have and (b) what is available … for the controller, the drone and the batteries.

I tried the 2nd method as I was getting nowhere with force quitting the Fly App.

I connected the drone to my Mac using all three batteries one after the other. Nothing additional was showing and everything was current.

One to keep an eye on if it ever pops up again but many thanks to @PingSpike and yourself for the pointers. :+1:

it simply means that at that moment during the flight ,the ESC s were asking for more power for the motors than the battery could provide ,as a battery discharges its ability to provide enough current diminishes as well ,especially in cold weather and when the battery gets below around 30% remaining charge

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Excellent!!! Many thanks.

Definitely, in the kind of temps we are currently experiencing, I’d keep my batteries really warm (inside pockets of thick jacket), until I actually want to turn on the drone, and then take-off asap.
Hopefully, they then keep themselves around the same temp, during the flight, as a result of the current being drawn.

How much a cold battery will warm up to a more suitable temp I’ve never really considered. Perhaps not that much.

This was my reply a couple weeks back from Dji regarding updating if I had some issues …

They wanted me to try this , not sure if this helps anyone else with a Dji Mini 2.

At present, the DJI Assistant 2 software downloaded from the official website cannot upgrade the DJI Mini 2 directly, but the DJI Assistant 2 can be modified to achieve the upgrade. Please check the below steps:

a. Please download the DJI Assistant 2 (Consumer Drones Series) from the DJI Website.(DJI Mini 2 - Download Center - DJI)
b. Open the folder where the assistant software is located, and find the ““DJI Engine”” folder, find ““defaultsettings.ini””, then open it and change the "“0"” to "“1"”. Please refer to the below path for Windows and Mac:
For Windows - Program Files (x86) > DJI Product > DJI Assistant 2 (Consumer Drones) > DJI Engine > find ““defaultsettings.ini””, then open it and change the "“0"” to "“1"”.

For Mac: Right-click the DJI Assistant 2 software > Show Package Contents, then follow the below photo to find the defaultsettings.ini.

Hope this helps. Please keep us posted. Thank you.

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Thanks, Martin, it has been posted in the past about changing the .ini file

it’s good to remind everyone it’s possible, why do DJI lock it down :man_shrugging:

Thank you for the reminder, there is a slight change , to wm161 from 0 to 1 now on dji assistant 2 there is also a wm1605 to change from 0 to 1 …

Thank you :+1:

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This is for the Mini SE (WM1605)

Thanks did not know that … :smiley:

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