Dji Mini 2 and iPhone 12 Pro Max use

Looking at getting a Dji mini 2 as my first drone.
Will a iPhone 12 Pro Max fit in the controller?
What happens if you are flying and your phone rings do you loose the camera view?

Thanks in advance Graham

Yes it will fit. Calls should not interfere with the RC control of the UAV but you will probably get popups appearing during flight. I just cancel mine but I have an android phone.

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Thanks for that @D0c.Col

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I created a shortcut/automation that triggers as soon as I launch the DJIFly app The phone brightness goes to max and the phone activates ‘Do Not Disturb’ so I can only receive calls from a very limited range of close family and friends.

The automation automatically cancels once I leave the location where it was activated

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Thanks for that @BudgieUK that a great idea

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I simply put my iPhone in “Airplane” mode and jobs a good ‘un. Using iPhone 13 Pro and fits nicely

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If you do use Airplane mode, dont forget to update your maps before you loose your internet connectivity if you intend to use them during your flight. :+1:t2:


Good call … I should have said that in my post - thank you

I can now say it does fit it is a bit of a tight squeeze, it feels like you are trying to snap the phone :face_with_peeking_eye: but you have to move the phone over to the left or right to miss the buttons.