DJI Mini 2 - Auto sync images to iPhone issue

I’ve got a strange issue with my Mini 2 I have auto sync HD images on, which is what I want but I end up with multiple copies on my iPhone. Usually it’s just 2 and it is just possible that one is the basic and the other is enhanced by the app but there have been times I’ve had 5 copies of the same image. All the images are roughly the same size so it’s not a low res version.
Any suggestions?

Have you got jpg and DNG (RAW) selected in file types? If so, have you also got AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) selected. If you’ve got both of these selected, you’ll end up with at least 3 AEB photos for each type.

No just straight jpegs and no AEB The one curious thing about them is only 1 has any usable exif information. I’m perplexed

Can’t help you there then mate, but if you keep taking the tablets, the perplexed will disappear!

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I think I’ve figured it out. The DJI fly app downloads to the iPhone, doesn’t seem to matter whether it is auto or manual, it then does an auto enhancement of the image and saves the thing again. Personally I want any image tweaking to be done by myself. There seems to be no way of turning this off unless anybody knows better?

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Good old DJI, you just gotta love Chinese logic!

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None of my photos sync to my iPhone with the exception of the panos

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Wonderful, your photos don’t sync and I get multiple images :joy:

Just confirmed on the DJI forum that this is a ‘feature’ that cannot for the moment be turned off. What twisted logic convinced them to do this? Hopefully an update will fix this.

Just tried out my new Mini 2 today and this feature really confused me. The auto-enhanced images seem much nicer than the basic ones, but having two of everything will just be painful to manage. In particular, I sync everything off my phone straight to OneDrive - which should I sync? Basic, enhanced or both?

What do other people do?

Example images:

What version of the DJI Fly app are you using? For me the latest version has stopped auto sync and auto enhancement.

v1.4.0 on Android. Downloaded from the DJI website yesterday.

That I don’t understand I’m the same version on IOS and auto download has gone, there has been some chatter on Mavic Pilots about it, perhaps it’s only on IOS. Used to really annoy me having two version of the same photo downloaded.

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This might me lunacy on my part as I haven’t flown my Mini 2 for a while and I may have been talking rubbish, no change there :rofl: The option is definitely not present on and Air2s but might still be there on the Mini 2. If a wasn’t in the middle of cooking dinner I’d test it out but as dinner tonight will involve copious quantities of alcohol it’ll have to wait until tomorrow


I don’t sync images to my iPhone at all, I want the raws off the SD card. Also got fed up having to go through and delete all the photos that had been saved to my phone.

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So, I (finally) took the plunge and upgraded from the Mini 1 to the Mini 2 yesterday.

Overall, really impressed. It’s hard to believe that they’re basically the same airframe.

I found I had this issue on my iPhone as well though. And after lots of time messing about with AEB and panos my camera roll is packed out.

Has anyone found a fix? Will turning off auto sync in the drone settings stop it from happening? I’d rather selectively take images off the SD card than deal with the duplicates.

Ditto - the only images that get saved to my phone or tablet are panoramas