DJI Mini 2 damaged camera on delivery?

Hello all.
I bought this Mini 2 last week (from Jessops).
When opened I noticed the gimbal protector wasn’t properly attached an the camera looks to be at an unhealthy angle.
Can any owners out there comment on if this is definitely damaged or will it correct itself on flight?

Just switch it on and see if it goes to it’s normal posiition after the start up procedure, if not, take it back.
Should settle to level after the gimbal dance.

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Was it listed as new or refurbished when you bought it?

Any signs of you being sent somebody else’s returned item @Cain ?

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I have turned it on an it’s unchanged - not looking good!

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It’s ‘new’ as far as I know - I suppose it’s possible it’s a refurb but all the accessories were properly sealed.


Back to Jessups.


I’d contact them for a refund or immediate replacement too :confused:

Do not let them fob you off by saying you need to contact DJI. You bought it from Jessops, it’s their issue to resolve.

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Thanks - on start up the gimbal does dance, but still at an unhealthy angle!
I’ve contacted Jessops customer services…
Cheers all.

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Hi all, just to update, after some faffing and initially poor customer service (one guy having a bad day I think) Jessops have replaced the mini 2. I just have to get the DJI refresh transferred over to the new unit.
Looking at the seals and packaging on new one I suspect I was sent a previously returned drone, so will probably make a bit of fuss but by and large all sorted now.
Thanks for your advice