DJi Mini 2 Gimbal problems

Anyone else had problems with the mini 2 gimbal. If i point it at the ground with video mode selected, as soon as i move the drone forwards or backwards the gimbal shoots upwards.

The attached video shows what happened and my fingers were well away from the wheel.

Not happening with mine. Well at least not last time I flew…

It happened last week and I thought it was something I had done. Was trying to do a shot tonight and damned thing kept jumping, very annoying.

Calibrated the gimbal recently? Was it a bad calibration? :thinking:

I did calibrate the other day after the wonky horizon photos. That said this happened last week before the calibration but I thought it was something I had done. I’m going to recalibrate and go back to using my iPhone to run the app although I can’t see it being an Android issue :man_shrugging:

I’m using S10.

Clutching at straws :worried:

You have to go to cine mode and do adjustments on gimbal for filming and pictures

slow movement

I think in with the M2 the gimbal moves to what it thinks is safe when its moving, I read somewhere I’ll try dig it out.

Mine does it too

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I have adjusted the settings so as it is smooth in cine mode, this is a case of the gimbal moving/jumping up without any action from my part other than moving the drone forwards or backwards?

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answer here for gimbal

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Are you in Sport mode or Normal mode ??

I was in normal mode at the time.

Interesting - as most of the Mini 2 gimbal dip issues occur in Sport mode. It appears the Mini 2 gimbal is not quite strong enough to deal with “sudden” movements of the drone when in Sport mode.

Another possibility would be strong winds - but your gimbal moved up not down.

Try a search on YT for Mini 2 gimbal problems - there’s quite a few videos on the subject.

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Anything in the flight logs?

It happened in the section over the roadway.

I think you were in Sport Mode by then?

You’re right, I’ve just found a flight playback on those logs and it was in sports mode! I’ll send it up again tomorrow and check the modes to check it doesn’t happen in normal or cine. I think being locked up in the house is sending me crazy :sweat_smile:

Have a look at this video … may be of some help :+1:

I think the answer is go to place fast sport mode then any filming serious switch to n mode

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