DJI Mini 2 gimbal stuck after mounting Freewell ND filters

If anyone has had Gimbal Stuck problems after mounting ND filters on their Mini2 then the attached PDF may help.

Mini 2 - Correct ND Filter Mounting.pdf (99.8 KB)

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Which make/brand filters does this apply to @canipus ?

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AFAIK all ND and CPL filters for the DJI Mini / 2 use the same mounting design regardless of manufacturer. The only difference is the optical quality

The weight may vary? Gimbals are sensitive to weight loading.


If you purchase a filter designed for a Mini 2 I.e. it has Mini 2 printed on the box then it should be compatible with the gimbal’s operational and performance specifications for the Mini 2 inc. the weight. Yes? No?

is not the same as “it will be”.

I’m sure thats paramount on list the penny producers in China use.

I guess that includes DJI filters as well then - being a Chinese Company. So we can expect their filters to be the wrong weight.
Anyway for the record the filters I’m using are Freewell. They add on a fraction of 1 gm weight to the entire system. When I tried to mount them as tightly as possible to the MIni 2 camera I got the gimbal stuck problems. When I left the clearance at the top as per the submitted pdf the problem was gone. If the advice helps great, if not you’re on your own with whatever other filter grabs your fancy. That’s it. I’m done!

Before you’re done, and for what it’s worth, with my Mavic Pro a few years back, I bought some filters from Hobby Mounts that were made, and marketed, for the Mavic Pro.
The gimbal went haywire.

I visited HM and showed them. They agreed. They stopped stocking the brand and replaced with another make.

So - yes - it most definitely IS possible that filters marketed for a particular drone can be unsuitable.

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I wasn’t aware that DJI produced a filter set for the M2, PolarPro (arguably the best) don’t either, I think that speaks volumes.

Perhaps the M2 just wasn’t designed to carry them.

Thanks, that’s all I wanted to know so I could update the topic title to help other people when they search :+1:t2: