DJI Mini 2 hand take off / catch / landing

Call me a fool I guess, but filming off of Easdale west coast of Scotland, standing on a rock I had no option other than to catch land my Mini 2 something that I’ve done many times, unfortunately this time I never put my phone that I was using into airplane mode due to awaiting a possible notification from work. As I hold my flat palm out the mini lands my phone rings I look down at my phone lifting my index finger very slightly on the landing hand, well 35 years of bricklaying has created some pretty rough tough hands but not enough for the prop to split it and make it numb for 4 hours, the photo looks pretty pathetic for a grown man but this was several hours later cleaned and on the mend, just a warning for all those of the younger generation or even parents with kids.



I’ve been meaning to try hand catching and launching for a couple of months but I keep seeing pics like this.

It would be good to master though and reduce the items I have to carry. One day!

Here is how you do it mate …

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@ianinlondon has a good couple of videos on the subject. This is the most recent one focused on the Mavic Mini.


Yep been there done that.
It’s called complacency.
Ask @milkmanchris he saw the M2 bite me
Like you I have been hand catching drones for years.
Never mind mate, it’s only bark it grow back.

Know what you mean though it does come keen and the finger does go numb for a couple of hours.

Oh well, put it behind you and try again next time.
Next time you will be more careful.

Oh, I’m not detracting anything from this, I feel the pain bro.


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Cheers for sympathy lol, already picked the bike up and got back on it as the old saying says :+1:

Cheers for reply I’m out later weather permitting so hopefully still be able to text tonight :grinning:

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Nah, that can’t be right, you don’t have a split thumb :smiley:

I had to do a catch landing recently. I’m totally new to the drone world and putting my phone in airplane mode never even occurred to me. Noted for the future though, thanks.

I always catch land due to it been so low the mini 2.

They all get low when they’re landing :wink:

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thats because i use a false hand from a shop dummy :slight_smile:

That’s handy.

Shameful dad joke there

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Never done it, props that close to my face, no thanks! If i ever plan to fly where hand catch is needed i think I would take a kitchen knife proof glove with me !

I made the silly mistake of grasping my mini 2 with finger and thumb. The combination of this grip and hesitating to get up to altitude meant that a gust blew it into my thumb. Ouch! Palms completely open and flat from now on :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Hi Mozzy thanks for that, probably back to flat palm, I was very shocked to think the damage that could do to a youngster,
Regards Steve

Has anyone hand caught only for the drone to try and take off? Did it to me at the weekend. Clean landing, finger & thumb pinching the sides then the props went into overdrive. Quick flip on it’s side and it cut out.

If it hasn’t stopped and you drop a tiny bit it will fire up and take off again …

Don’t remember dropping my hand but may well have enough to trigger it

It only need to be fractions … shaky hands don’t work…