DJI MINI 2 / Incompatible firmware version. (Code: 30224)

Is this a joke. Few hours before I’m off on a big backcountry trip, checked the Mini 2 to make sure everything is okay and got prompted for a firmware update. Better to be up to date I thought so I installed it.

Now drone is nonfunctional.

Can’t do anything due to “incompatible firmware version”. I thought I just bloody updated the firmware to the latest version?! It all installed correctly! And it was ballache enough to get that done last minute on a dodgy mobile data connection.

Why do I regret every time I update anything to do with this? Now lugging this drone here with me and planning this 6 day trip will be complete pointless as I won’t be able to use my Mini 2.


Does anyone know how to fix this error?!

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I had the same.

Switch off. Swapped batteries. Let the drone ‘rest’ for 15 minutes.

Mine powered up and has been fine ever since. Worth a try.


Thanks. That worked! Why the four forum posts I read (or the DJI app itself) couldn’t suggest that I don’t know.

Now to try for the 10th time to let it allow me to recalibrate the compass…

(I have so much to sort out already that wasting an hour on this is extremely frustrating…)

I was out with both the Mini and air2s and thought fuvk it, I’ll fly the air2s. Tried the Mini 2 after a battery and she was fine. Glad it helped. Enjoy your time away.


Always restart after an update. I never seem to have a problem by doing this.

My problem occured 3 days after updating.
I had restarted the drone AND flown a short up and down in the lounge after the update.

Have you checked the controller firmware. Does it need an update ??

All were updated individually, power cycled and tested.