DJI Mini 2 London Sunset


I love the look of that, well done.

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What location is this? This doesn’t seem pretty legal from what I know but damn it looks amazing.

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@oskarzyg time to brush up on your knowledge of the current regulations then :blush:


Where was this when you were flying?


Great photo!

Hazarding a guess - was it Weaver’s Fields you were using?

edit just seen the lat/long in the metadata :smiley:

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Nice shot👍

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According to the meta data that @Nabbit mentioned this is indeed flown with a DJI Mini 2 right above Weavers Fields which isn’t a Royal Park (and doesn’t seem to have any drone launch bylaws) with a view towards the city. This is a residential area and within the London CTR and ‘Specified Area’ but this does not forbid flying a sub 250g drone such as the Mini2 in this location.

@Fish is flying perfectly legal! :slight_smile:



"That does seem pretty … and legal.



Very nice

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@legal_eyes @NewDroneflyer1 @Nabbit @oskarzyg Didn’t realize the metadata was accessible! but yes it was in Weaver’s Fields (nice guess @Nabbit !) , tried to find the closest park to the city that was in line for the sunset that day and also wasn’t in a restricted zone. Sorry for the late reply, forgot I posted this here! Thank you for the all the comments and likes :slightly_smiling_face:


How is the above byelaw to be interpreted?

I’m not sure what needs interpreting @BombayMonkey ?

When looking for places to fly, I have always assumed that in any council byelaws, “model aircraft” also covers drones (admittedly I don’t know why!). For example, some council byelaws only mention compressed gas aircraft are prohibited. Am I wrong in my assumption?

To be fair, I have seen discussions in the past that drone users are allowed to fly unless there is a sign that says otherwise on a given property.

I agree @BombayMonkey … the CAA do say that “Any unmanned aircraft being flown purely for the recreational sport of model aircraft flying” is a ‘model aircraft’. So it’s more what you’re doing, rather than what you’re flying.

Interesting that some councils still haven’t added electric power to their definitions yet … !

I’d say interpret council byelaws in whichever manner you see fit. Don’t forget to use the FOI overlay on DroneScene to get exact information from what councils supplied in early 2021 after many of the laws regarding drones changed. As such, many of these council policies are out of date.

As for signs, I would just take that as a you cannot take off and land from this land. But there’s nothing stopping you taking off from elsewhere and flying over. They own the land. Not the airspace.

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