DJI Mini 2 RTH update flight path advantages

So the firmware update improved the RTH function by allowing you to use the controls and film (basically on autopilot) catching angles using gimbal yaw (up / down) and drone yaw (360 degrees on X axis) I believe.

If you attempt to use Drone yaw manually the direction the drone is travelling in changes ?

RTH function activated I can spin 360 degrees and continue to travel in a straight line back to the home point
Manual flying, where try spinning 360 on the move, you would change course depending on where your right stick is positioned?



Thats great then. When I 1st saw a you tube video describing it I thought the function was neat but now I’m actually getting to see the wood for the trees in this strange new world of drones I am finally beginning to understand and appreciate some of the capabilities that cannot be achieved easily manually.
There is so much to learn initially I never considered how difficult it would be to achieve the same effect without the ‘built in talent’.