DJI Mini 3 Pro controller - Photo Album appearing during flight

Hi there!

Complete beginner currently photographing the superb winter conditions on the Isle of Skye with my new drone.

Almost every time I fly, the thumbnails in my photo album appear on screen during flight without prompting. I wonder if anyone else has experienced this as it could easily cause problems, especially if Sports mode is selected. I have not inadvertently pressed the play button by mistake.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Brian,

During flight, the photo album is being displayed on screen without you pressing the play button?

Does this happen when you take a photo, or just randomly?

I certainly have not heard of this issue before.

Do you have a screenshot or a video recording of this happening?


You cant assign that function to the back buttons and select by mistake can you?

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And silence …

Maybe pressing the icon by mistake, easily done

Hi guys.

Your responses are greatly appreciated - apologies for the delay in replying.

It looks like you cannot link the display of the album of thumbnails with one of the selectable buttons but Ive checked my settings anyway and this isnt the issue.

As far as I can remember the thumbnails have appeared several times soon after launch when I’m flying to my chosen location and not just immediately after I`ve taken shots. Once they have loaded, which takes a couple of seconds, I can return to camera view by touching the left hand side of the screen.

Even though the interruption is slight, it could be a problem, for example if a bird closes in quickly.

I was wondering if there was an auto / instant review facility selectable on the controller which I had activated by mistake but it looks like there isnt one. (So far Ive concentrated on taking still images rather than video).

I see the playback button on screen when in camera view but I`m sure I haven’t pressed this inadvertently.

I’ll pay more attention when flying in future and take note exactly if and when this happens again.

I would welcome any other (polite) suggestions, especially as no one here appears to have experienced the same problem and I can’t find any other info on the web.

Thanks again.

@Clydeflyer is your screen damaged and picking up false / non clicks?

A simple way to rule it out would be to try flying with your phone turned 180 degrees on your next flight.

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We think he has the DJI RC :thinking:

@Clydeflyer can you confirm

Also on your next flight use the screen record function

This will show what is happening whilst you are flying

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Yes, it’s the controller with the screen which came with the drone.

I take it I’ll need a mini SD card in the controller to record the info as suggested?


Sorry - I`m a bit slow! Probably old age!

Thanks for adding the photo of the YouTube posting - I’ll check it out.

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I had something similar, my controller would go to the “connection” page during flight.

It hasn’t done it since the last update though.

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your responses.

I still haven’t managed to get back out flying since my initial post but hope to over the next couple of weeks weather permitting. I’ll make sure I activate the record flight button before launching to capture the glitch should it reoccur.

All the best meantime.