DJI Mini 3 Pro RC faulty?

Hi folks.

I just took delivery of a new DJI Mini Pro 3 RC on Thursday. Spent the evening charging up the batteries on the RC and drone, along with making sure all relevant firmware was also up to date.

Had my first flight yesterday morning and everything was great and had no issues getting used to the controls etc. Then went to fly it in the afternoon after recharging the batteries and noticed that every time I was gripping the RC unit, it would beep at me wherever I was holding it in my hand. If I put it down on a surface and then touched it, it would beep again. It even beeps randomly every now and then when sitting on the table charging. All very strange. Here’s a short video to what it is doing

I also then noticed after powering on the drone and once connected, the gimbal would suddenly point directly downwards to the ground and the image would be massively over exposed on screen. The camera would also randomly switch from landscape to portrait mode without anything being touched. furthermore the camera ‘zoom’ wheel (top right on the controller) wouldn’t zoom the camera and seemed to control the camera’s exposure instead!

I’ve tried it again today and it is doing exactly the same thing, though this time I have screen recorded it on the RC.

I’ve recalibrated the drone, the RC unit compass and the gimbal on the drone (it did briefly show ‘Sensor Error’ towards the top left of the screen which has since disappeared) and am now at a bit of a loss as to how to sort this. I’m thinking it might have to go back to Amazon but I’ve also got a 2 year DJI Care Refresh bonded to the drone and obviously would want to move that over to a replacement so hope that is possible!

If anyone has any thoughts or has encountered anything like this with a new Mini 3 pro, I’d be interested to hear.

Thanks in advance,

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Funny this received my new 3 pro on Thursday charged everything and updated firmware pritty much the same you did took it out Friday and gimbal doesn’t work can see picture on handset and when press c1 nothing press c2 and picture goes into portrait mode but gimbal does not rotate so in a nutshell looks to work as in camera but gimbal does nothing and only 1 day old and bought it with a flymore kit and waited nearly 5 weeks for it im not best pleased with it

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Fishy to me….

My old Mavic Pro shots portrait without rotating its camera….is that what’s called a crop….:thinking:

Nah its seems gimbal has no power but camera works fine strange so thought ok ill get the dji plan but seems as had it for 2 1/2 days cant purchase that now either had to be done in its first 48hours lol

Send it back and when you get a replacement you can do the care refresh

Thats great to know then was just thinking re order a new1 of amazone be here tomoz send other back for full refund thought.?