Dji Mini 3 Pro - Wide Angle Lens Test

I’ve recently received a £30 voucher from Dji because of my 2 months old Mini 3 had to go back under warranty.
The only thing I could afford from their website with 30 sovs, was their Wide Angle Lens, so I gave it a go.

I must say the result is very pleasing. There is a very marginal horizontal distortion but to be honest it wasn’t that bad, so I decided not to fix it in post editing I’ve left it as it was.

So… I waited for a break in the clouds today and at around 1pm it came so I went to the lovely Blackheath Village where there is a church called All Saints that’s one of my fav church to photograph
and I took this video

Oh and… a shameless plug, the track in this video was composed by my 30 years old son he recorded the keyboard track live with his talented 21 year old friend drummer who doesn’t even own his own drum kit, he had to borrow his dad’s. Then I got a call from my son asking me to come and record the bass track and 2 guitars a rhythm and a small lead guitar. The track it’s still in it’s promo stage it need the singers to record their part. Enjoy the mock Pink Floyd vibe which I believe was intended by my son.


An almost identical photo from the exact same location/altitude … without the lens … would have been really useful as a comparison.
As it is … it’s just another photo … albeit a rather good one.


Post edited with 2 screenshots from the video with the difference at the same altitude.

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Makes the world look a little bent!

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Everyone knows its flat ;o)

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I did say that the WA lens gives you a slight distortion in the horizontal perspective, easy cured with most editing softwares, I left it on as it was on purpose to show the extent of the effect.

Some cinematic scenes in real movies are done with a WA lens when the camera follows from behind a moving vehicle or a walking person to make a more dramatic effect.

It has its uses.

yep, not a critiscism, just an obvservation. Every tool has its uses.

I know mate. all is well :slight_smile: