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it looks like it uses all the mini 3 pro accessories… I wonder about the batteries…

again it looks like it was intended to be the SE

DJI has confirmed the date :grinning:


Just recieved it as an email… Local Time 2PM BST

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OK so its got Dlog but not a lot else to make it worth upgrading

It looks like someone sat on it too… thats um… new…

A tweak of the levels:

[edit: better levels]

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You beat me too it, I see a :frog::sweat_smile:

There is a better image up there :point_up_2:

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Just got an email from Dji with this screenshot, any idea what it is that they are launching?

Moved your post to this thread where the email/image has already been posted several times.

Less illusive :slight_smile: guess it confirms those were genuine.

Landing light? :thinking:

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Philip Bloom has one to review. NDAd but he likes it.

For me the question will be will it take the Mini 3 batteries or filters. Batteries in particular.

I see Control de cruccro. Let’s hope that does not translate to “Control de Crasho”. Control when crashing is a good option maybe lol

Are the mini 3 batteries interchangeable. They look similar. I would imagine they would like a difference to sell more fly more packs to people who already have M3P batteries but good if they are the same.

Sometimes, very rarely, companies don’t think about lining their pockets. DJI are known for decent customer service, so unless there is something very subtle, such as the firmware or the connectors. I think they may just very well be the same.

We don’t know yet, but will soon