DJI Mini Pro 4 R C 2 Frozen Start up Screen ,?

Hi There, DJI Pro 4 Combo Kit , R C 2 Has anybody Out Experienced Have Issues with the Brand New R C 2 on Start Screen 1 Languages Lock with No Option to Change and Frozen screen and Next Time Going Blank,? Alex, Pro 4 Dragonfly

I assume you are attempting to register a new RC 2?? and on start up it takes you to the language selection screen ??
Have you tried re-starting the RC2 ?? When does the screen go blank ??

If you’ve tried a re-start without success - try pressing and holding the start button for at least 15 seconds to see if the language screen will appear.

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Hi Jhdee , I hope your Well ,DJI Updates Software ,As your Aware They Keep Sending Out ,on This Occasion Noted Volume Low and Other Issues , Spoken with DJI they agreed for Me to Send Back My DJI Pro4 Combo Kit Via UPS on 15.05.24 Which was Lost , ? DJI after a lot of Jumping through Hoops Decided to Replace DJI Pro 4 Combo Kit Minus The Combo Bag , ?? 22 Days Later Thursday 6th Arrived , Charged Batts , Switch on R C 2 Well come Screen 1 DJI ,2 Language Default German ,Highlight Blue Dot , Choose English No Screen was Frozen , Switch off / on , Tried There DJI Assis Program , Rang DJI No Joy ,Bloody Frustrated ,Maybe Someone Could shine a Light on This , Answering Your Question Have Done All That , Await Your Input , Kind Regards , Alex North London Pro 4 DragonFly

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If there was no improvement after pressing the RC2 start button for at least 15 seconds would suggest you connect a computer/laptop to the controller using DJI Assistant 2 software and check for possible updates. There have been a number of issues with the RC2 recently and DJI have only just released V 1.13.5 of the Fly which is supposed to rectify recent problems.
If this doesn’t work I would suggest contacting DJI with a view to getting it replaced :+1:

One further thing to check - do you have a micro SD card in the RC 2 ??
If so - remove it and try the 15 second start button press again

Hi Jhdee , The 2 S D Cards + Wide Angel Lens where Lost by UPS , Here is a Summary to DJI Team, Dear Siti & Clement &Team ,
I am Rather Disappointed That it Has (Taken 22 Days )to Try
To Resolve Sending New DJI Pro 4 Combo Kit Complete ,
Instead A box Throwing together Drone / RC / 3 Batts / Hub
Wide angel Lens (No Shoulder Bag, )Also not Give a Delivery Date ,
Charge up all Batts so I could Activate 1st Screen Default Language
German with Blue Tick and No Option to Change to English , I called
Spoke Team Member Called Darren Explained Put me on Hold ,I tyred your Online Chat and That was a waste of Time ,
I have Come to the Conclusion for DJI Send Return Back UPS Label
And I can go to a Local Store and Purchase New DJI Pro 4 Combo Kit Complete , And for DJI To Refund me on My Purchase ,
This Has Been a Nightmare Experience Which I don’t want to have Again ,
Please Call me Friday 7th before 1pm UK Time before I make A Purchase ,
Kind Regards ,
Alexander Yorkston , Pro 4 DragonFly
London UK

RC 2 Renewal , Attention of Finn & Team ,


Well Remote Controller Upper Shell Module Fault (Incl. Touchscreen) They said they going to Replace with New R C 2 Unit ,

Can You Please give an E T A Tracking ,


Mr. Alexander Yorkston , Pro 4 DragonFly

London UK

From: Alex

Sent: 07 June 2024 10:23
Subject: Re: Re:[## 6150391 ##] ONLINE ( DJI RC2 Video Uploaded , Alex )

Hi Finn , DJI RC2 Video Uploaded , Alex

Happy ending , DJI Pro 4 Replaced after Loss by UPS , DJI Pro 4 Replaced With Faulty RC 2 , Returned and Replacement Kit , And Now I can Concentrate with some Fly with this uncertain Weather British Summer ???, Thanks to Every one s Input , Kind regards Alex , North London , Pro 4 Dragonfly

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