Dji mini se photo over exposed?


I’m new to drone

I took this photo today on my mini se, nice sunny morning today but the photo seem to come out over exposed? The brick should be more red?

Any tips on setting to change in drone app?

Or should I change in post on my phone app ?

Is or was that taken in auto or manual mode, looks very over exposed.

Looks like you may have switched it to Manual Mode (bottom right of screen).

Make sure it says “Auto” and try again.

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Just check looks like in auto

With EV AT +1.7

Just taken this pic 1704 with auto

Does it look ok?

With EV set at +1.7 you are over exposing by 1.7 stops hence the overexposure. Tap on the screen at the EV figure and reduce it to Zero and try again :+1: :+1: :+1: