Dji Motion Controller To Flight Sim Joystick Project

The very first thing that came to mind on first seeing the motion controller was “if only it was a mounted joystick”… :thinking:

I bought one off eBay for £99 at some point last year or the year before, can’t remember… :roll_eyes:

Project Objectives…lots of fun…

  1. Portable.
  2. Easy functional mount.
  3. User friendly age 9 - 130.
  4. Physical Disability friendly.
  5. Adaptable to existing hardware.
  6. Instil confidence.
  7. Feel like a fighter pilot.
  8. Male / Female friendly.

For illustration…


Conceptualised, I’ll have to design from the tripod up…

I think the tripod offers the best all round mount, portable and easy to pack away…point 1 & 2.


Measured and baking….

The tripod Mount prototype….


“Ding dong” your backing’s ready sir….:crazy_face:

“Can’t wait for it to cool down”……:rofl:


Off for pint while it’s cooling…. :coffee:


Having measured the hand controller diameter, a socket is the only method that will work.

Something like this…

All well and good but I envisage a minor problem as this will be a reasonably tight fit, Yaw, my thoughts are for this part to rotate on it’s axis with the controller in it.

If the controller rotates in Yaw inside, there will be wear and tear on both the motion controller and the PLA socket.

A solution is forming over a coffee… :wine_glass:

Super fast printed prototype

Printed it the wrong way around for speed.

It will have to be printed this way up to facilitate variable print settings

Came out :ok_hand:

The next phase will be a bit tricky “The gimbal, and Gimbal Housing” for safety the gimbal will have to be self cantering in the event the joystick slips out of your hand.

Time to go off and think over a… :cake: :cut_of_meat: :wine_glass: :baby_bottle:

Are you repurposing this for another drone @Njoro ?

For his own one-man drone? :wink:

It’s for Dji FPV and Avata, it’ll make shooting gaps in trees easier :crossed_fingers::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Seriously though, I’ve met a number of people who are terrified of trying FPV because of the controller, they can’t imagine how to coordinate Yaw, Pitch, Roll and Throttle all at the same time.

Burning the long candle…

Gimbal, something in this vain…

Socket and stem ready for gimbal…

That’s the gimbal prototype finished, added thrust bearings…… I’ll jump to the finished article to keep this thread short.

Thrust bearing…

When completed and printed in the PLA I’m waiting for to ship it will look like this…

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Loving the progress reports. :+1:

The gap between the stem and socket is separated by the thrust bearings by 0.2mm which give just the right amount of friction to allow a certain feel to Yaw.

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It’s always handy to have some midnight oil to burn overnight, the working prototype works, there’re minor changes to do.

I think it’s turned out okay, we’ll test it somewhere out there in the natural world……:man_cartwheeling:t2:

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Wow, that looks great Lance :+1:

Even got a gator, that looks like the one from my Vauxhall Viva I had

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Forgot to add this end, the bottom is removable to access the tensioner…


You must have loved it to shout it out on here, a bit like my…