DJI O3 Air unit - Rumours, leaks, gossip and general discussion, reviews

Its here @group-fpv


Still hoping for a non-goggles solution, just a standalone receiver with HDMI would be ideal

Short review here.

At least they’ve reduced the cooling requirements, glad of that

That 5th fan will make it go faster :joy:

Hahah… No chance :slight_smile:

Wonder what the price of the “cheaper” Goggles 2 will be, can you get the goggles 2 on their own at the moment? The V2 are £489 at the moment, direct from DJI. Can’t find stand alone 2’s though (still the worlds most stupid naming system!)

Price £209

Heh there was an official thread for this. Think we talked it out over here: Digital FPV.....DJI vs HDZero vs Orqa vs Walksnail...? - #1464 by gunja99 heh

A thread that’s 1500 posts long and was started in August 21 is hardly “an official thread” for the DJI O3. :wink:

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I meant this was the official one, should have checked before I posted earlier!

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So here’s one i didn’t share (loads of lovely footage ones out there), but this is a great video showing what’s compatible with what!

Edit: he still bitter, lol

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I did mention you lot in the original post :grinning:

I know, but was only “launched” today, and sold out quicker than a Peter Kaye gig unfortunately :frowning:

Interesting info from MadsTech for anyone planning on using the DJI FPV 2 remote with the new O3 Air Unit

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