DJI Osmo+ Plus Handheld Gimbal with Zenmuse X3 Zoom 4K Camera

Hi all, I wondered if anyone could tell me if the X3 camera from the Dji Ozmo would fit the Inspire 1 Gimble, it would be a much less expensive upgrade if it did work as E bay is full of them for under £200… I have seen one advertised for the Inspire and the Ozmo so presume they are the same fittings… Thanks in advance

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Unfortunately no.

The X3 for the Osmo does not work with the Inspire. The X3 and X5 for the Inspire will work on the OSMO handle - the X5 has an adapter and also there is a z axis stabilizer available for it.

From DJI:

6.What’s the difference between the Osmo’s camera and the Inspire 1’s camera?

The mechanical structure of the Osmo‘s camera is designed for hand held use. The 3-axis gimbal can be flattened and locked, and the orientation of the tilt motor has been changed. There are many small changes inside the camera and gimbal as well.

15.Can I use the Inspire 1’s camera with the Osmo?

Yes. After updating the Zenmuse X3 camera firmware on the Inspire 1, you can install the X3 camera directly on the Osmo.

16.Can I take off the camera of the Osmo and mount it on the Inspire 1?

No. Although the Inspire 1’s camera will be compatible with the Osmo, you CANNOT use the Osmo’s X3 camera on the Inspire 1.

17.Can I change settings (i.e., aperture) and focus for the Zenmuse X5 camera on the Osmo?

Yes, you can change your settings via the DJI GO app.


OSMO on Inspire - NO. Inspire on OSMO - YES

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Many thanks Macspite, It would have been a great upgrade but I did think if it was possible most would have done it… Thanks again for your exceptionally quick response …

I’ve got a spare X3 if you’re interested

You’re welcome. It was something I had thought of (and I suspect every Inspire owner :slight_smile: ) when I first became aware of the price differential.

PS - if you click the “solution” button at the bottom of my previous post it makes me look good to the greybeards on the disciplinary committee. Got to get back into favour somehow …

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If you can get a Z3 (Zoom version of X3 but bigger) for £200, snap their hands off!

Are you sure about that Rob? :thinking:

When I had the Inspire I bought a full Osmo Pro kit (just for its Zenmuse X5 camera) and it worked fine.

What I can’t remember now though is if I flashed the firmware on the X5 or if it just worked out of the box :thinking:

Or maybe it’s the case that the X3’s are different and the X5’s are the same? :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes. Sure. The X5 can be used on the Inspire and the OSMO. It may need a firmware update to work on the OSMO,

There are physical differences as well as firmware between the X3 OSMO and the X3 Inspire.

Thanks Rob! :+1:t2:

Thanks Hotrod but was just looking for the zoom upgrade …

My Osmo X3 works on my Inspire, gimbal works, everything OK. Except the image is inverted and no way to put it right!

The last (only) time I’ve seen a Z3 advertised on ebay, I bought it, cost me 400 quid but don’t tell the missus!

I was looking at this kinda thing, its a bugger it will work but with issues…DJI Zenmuse X3 Camera with Accessories | eBay

Looks like a normal Osmo X3, won’t work on your Inspire. It’s set up so the camera is on top of the gimbal with the image set for that way up. The Inspire is hanging below the gimbal, but the image will change top to bottom when you put it in the Osmo.
I’d keep looking for a Z3 if you really need a Zoom, or buy an X5 and fit it with the Olympus “pancake” zoom lens, it’ll cost about the same (ish).

Will do thanks, no real need for the zoom but if it was dooable it would be a good addition… Cheers

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Know it’s a longshot but have you still got the spare x3 for the Inspire. My usb slot in the cam fails to lock the card in and it keeps annoyingly popping out. Wedged at the mo with a cocktail stick!!!

Morning Chris
I do believe I’ve still got it. I’ll have a look and let you know in the next half hour.


Yes Chris, I’ve still got it, still in it’s original box.