DJI Osmo Pocket


Ok a nice New Year’s Day walk round a local reservoir
Took the pocket with me and yesterday we had an early jaunt into Bolton for a drink or three and took the pocket with me too just getting practice in for next week in Gran Canaria for a few days


I’ve got one too. It’s an amazing bit of technology,
I love it, although I’ve only really played with it so far.

Slo mo
Motion lapse


Was the OSMO a Christmas present?, if so then lucky you, enjoy.

What causes the curving effect on the vinyl floor tiles in pic 1, the same effect can be seen on the horizontal cross members on the window walls, is this pic a still snapshot from a panoramic view clip?

Enjoy the Canaries, double lucky you :sunglasses:


Hi Rory the 1st picture is a 3x3 pano it take 9 photos and stitch them together hence the fisheye effect on the floor
As for the Christmas present it was to myself for the holiday rather than taking the SLR and a couple of lenses
Fits in my pocket plus I can vlog with it beware I may do some while away for your entertainment :shushing_face:


Pics look really good. I see the curve on the floor tiles. Puts something in the pic that made me look twice😀


Get you, you’ll be pushing Jeff merch next.

Liked and subscribed ;o)


I feel a bit of “Accessoryitis” coming on, please tell me that this is not the onset of dementia !