DJI Pocket 2 Gimbal Repairs?

Not drone related, but Gimbal related.

Anyone on here that carries out gimbal repairs?

DJI Pocket 2, dropped it :cry:and now get Gimbal Protection warning!!!

Same type of Gimbal as on the DJI Mini 3?

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I have one too. I have seen that message when the gimbal can’t complete its startup calibration. But for me, it was because I had something in the way. The camera needs to be able to turn 180 on each axis.

Since the main arm is metal, they can get bent ever so slightly, resulting in there not being enough clearance for the camera to clear the bottom plate.

See video below in case it is this …

If that isn’t the cause, then take a look at this video. Lots of comments saying that it fixed their Pocket 2.

Thanks for the reply, I have already watched the second video.

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Have you tried what is shown in this vid? Seems straight forward. But I am unsure whether you have warranty left or care refresh. If you do, use that.

Quick update!

I looked on the gimbal to find the point of impact on the floor,

I then applied pressure at this point to “try and straighten it”

This has made it 90% better, so I will see how it works when in use!

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Any good? Did it work? Don’t leave us in suspenders! :wink: