DJI power your ride, DJI Avinox Drive System Powerful and Compact E-Bike Drive System


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Dronemaker DJI will launch a surprisingly new product on the market on July 3rd, called DJI Avinox. Contrary to what one would expect, this time it is not a drone, but it is mistaken for a powertrain for electric bicycles (e-bikes). This hint was given in a recent announcement on social media, where the name was also called amflow bikes.

Power your Ride

The name ‘Avinox’ does not come out of the blue for insiders. In September last year, this name already appeared in a Chinese brand name database. At the time, it was assumed that it would be a new drone or perhaps a new FPV glasses, although a link was also made with DJI’s automotive activities. Then it remained quiet around the name Avinox.

Now that will change. DJI has placed a teaser online announcing that a new product will be launched under the name Avinox on July 3, in collaboration with or under the Amflow Bikes brand. However, this (company) name yields few hits in Google, other than a trademark registration. The animation and slogan “Power your Ride” suggest that it is an electric powertrain for e-bikes. This would allow DJI to enter a completely new market.

Brushless engines

It is still unclear what product it will be and what the added value of DJI is in this. However, DJI has built up a lot of expertise in the development of powerful, brushless stepper motors for the drive of both small and large drones. The company may now want to use this knowledge to tap into a new product segment, a segment that is also less susceptible to cyber security problems.

What do you think DJI will come up with on July 3rd?

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On first sights when I see this & watched the clip over & over again, had it not been something to do with DJI the short clip reminded me of the crank case / clutch cover on a motocross bike, yes I know it’s nothing to do with that just reminded me of the motocross days,

Surely they wouldn’t bring out an e bike like the likes of Surron, I doubt they would but if they did it would most certainly be very very expensive .

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…and track all your bike movements and send all that GPS data to China too :see_no_evil:


Looking at the short video, whatever it is, it’s small, with a gearing system in it.

So it could be anything.

Perhaps it’s another smart home device, that counts the number of toilet paper sheets are left on the roll, so you never run out.

But what they aren’t telling you, is they are tracking all your bowel movements, by counting how many times the big roll rotates on the spindle and the sending all that shite data to all the governments across the world, (who have raised concerns about the data from their drones being used by the Chinese Military), in an hope to crash their IT infrastructures.


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Don’t forget they have a car as well to track us

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Why is there all this concern about DJI tracking us?

Smart phones have been with us for over ten years and they record everything we do.
Facebook has been recording our data for twenty years, this year.

Ask yourself what percentage of people on this planet fly drones compared to those using smart phones and Facebook?
(Please don’t work this out)

Because the number will poles apart .

I’ve carried 2 smart phones for years, (work & personal), so I’ve been giving double data to every one :rofl:

It’s too late now anyway, because our data for the last 10-15 years is everywhere already.

Apologies for going off topic, I’ll shut up now :face_with_peeking_eye:


Looks just like the tongsheng motor on my e-bike conversion, probably twice the price if DJI involved :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Yeah but they were pretty honest about it, DJI were not


DJI Care Ride :grinning:

High-Performance Assist Unit

The core of DJI’s e-bike system is a powerful assist unit:

Rated output: 250W
Max output: 850W (standard), 1000W (boost mode)
Max torque: 105 N·m (standard), 120 N·m (boost mode)
Torque density: 42 N·m/kg
Max cadence: 150 rpm
Weight: Approximately 2.55 kg
IP66 protection rating

These specs suggest a system capable of tackling steep hills and providing strong acceleration, all while being weather-resistant.
Dual Battery Options

DJI appears to be offering two battery choices:

800 Wh (22.3 Ah)
600 Wh (16.7 Ah)

Both are 35.9V lithium-ion batteries with an IP56 rating. The 800 Wh battery weighs 3.70 kg, while the 600 Wh version is 2.78 kg.
Charging Times

With a 168W charger:

800 Wh: 0-100% in ~6h 10min, 20-80% in ~3h 30min
600 Wh: 0-100% in ~4h 45min, 20-80% in ~2h 26min

With a 504W charger:

800 Wh: 0-100% in ~3h, 20-80% in ~1h 15min
600 Wh: 0-100% in ~2h, 20-80% in ~1h 12min

Smart Central Display

The e-bike features a sophisticated central display:

2-inch OLED screen with 326 ppi
800 nits brightness
Touch control
4G LTE-Cat.1 connectivity
Bluetooth 5.1
USB-C with PD3.0 65W fast charging
GNSS support (GPS, Galileo, BeiDou, GLONASS, QZSS)
8 GB internal storage
IP56 protection

Advanced Sensors

The system includes a range of sensors:

Wheel speed sensor
Torque sensor
Cadence sensor
Ambient light sensor

Wireless Controller

A separate wireless controller features:

Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity
CR1620 battery
IP56 protection rating

Avinox App Integration

DJI’s Avinox app adds smart features:

Range prediction based on battery levels and riding conditions
Remote bike tracking with movement alerts
Digital password protection
Automatic locking/unlocking via Bluetooth

Legal Speed Limits

The system adheres to regional speed limits:

EU: 25 km/h
US: 20 mph

This needs FCCing :grinning:


It got wireless comms built in, it will need FCC’ing.

I’m ready :popcorn:


Granted, a different type of FCC, but now I’m watching both with interest :smiley:

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Who is going to be first to get four units and make a drone out of them?