Dji price hike?

Anyone else seen this?DJI Smart controller up $100 in price?wow,what can i say?Not sure weather this is just in America or will it effect U.K as well?:neutral_face::neutral_face:

I did see this but it could be down to the tariffs imposed on China by the US

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So hopefully just in the U,S then ?BLOODY POLITICIANS,all the same whatever country :wink::wink:


Iโ€™m hoping so anyway

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@JonD are you thinking of getting one?:+1::+1:

Yes mate, hopefully upgrade my MPP to a M2P with the smart controller


Nice,any idea when? BTW the mpp is a great drone,i enjoyed mine,wish i had kept it to be honest,but sold it to a mate,who loves it,so in good hands!!

As soon as I sell my MPP to free up the additional funds.

Youโ€™re right, the MPP is good, my driver is mainly for the smart controller

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Put it the classifieds here,sure someone will snap it up!!! If not theres always fleabay???:+1::+1:

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It is mate For Sale Mavic Pro Platinum Flymore Combo [SOLD] - #3 by JonD

Iโ€™ve also put it on bumtree however someone tried to scam me on there yesterday, well to many things didnโ€™t add up so it made me suspicious.

Iโ€™m hoping to avoid fleabay due to the fees

Well done,if it seems like scam or if you are not sure ,trust your gut instinct,bloody scammers wish they would all go to hell in a hand cart !! :rofl::rofl: Hope to see your mpp sell soon mate .good luck:+1::+1::+1:

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I second that :point_up_2::+1:

Yeah spotted that. Seems solely for US atm.

I had a quick look at UK pricing which seemed to be the same. Thankfully.

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Seems like I may have averted another scammer, after a buyer requested I send them an invoice which I did, I asked for proof of name and address for delivery which corresponds with the PayPal account. Nothing since, am I being unreasonable?

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Deffo not, or a landline where you can speak to them.


Similarly, if I was a buyer of such an expensive item Iโ€™d be requesting additional ID verification.