DJI raveneye transmission

any one used one of these yet?

I got one with my Ronin RS2, really useful and saves buying an external monitor for your camera.

Yes, I’ve got a Ronin RSC2 with Raveneye, the pro combo version.

worth getting then, have you sued with a drone

Sued? Do you mean tried?
When using the DJI RSC 2, RavenEye enables remote control of the gimbal, monitoring, and ActiveTrack 3.0, but the built-in screen cannot be used to transmit the camera live view. The system mounts to the gimbal and connects to the camera via HDMI cable and to the smartphone via Wi-Fi.

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I wasn’t aware that it worked with drones. It works via a WiFi signal from the camera gimbal and needs two wires attached to do so.
Basically it enables you to use a Ronin RS or smaller RSC camera gimbal from a distance and also enables the use of active tracking through a smart phone.

i did mean tried

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