Dji RC compatibility with the Air 2s coming

Just a little snippet that may make a few people happy…:grin:

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I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed for this since the Air 2S bundle on the DJI shop with the RC Pro controller went to “Out of Stock”. Checked today and it is no longer an option at all.

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Fandabidozi I search everyday in hope this would happen and thought DJI do what they have in the past Fuffed me over like my original DJI Google’s!! could only be used with Mavic pro :rage:

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I used to, then bought the RC pro. Now I’ve got a dilemma, sell the Pro and update the RC, because before I saw this article I was after getting shut of the RC🤣. But then I thought, if I ever sell the mini 3,I could do with it going with its own remote🤔. But then, I’m waiting on an update for the RC pro to be compatible with the Avata🤣. Such is life…arrgh🤣

someone now suss sideloading then I be bouncy around running up and down the road naked with joy :rofl:

This will remove all hacks as you will have to update the A2s.
Wait I say this as Sincoder hacked the RC Pro for the A2s before it was released for the RC Pro.

As soon as it is released Sincoder will be all over it.

Watch this space. I have good relations with him and speak to him often via telegram. He will have this sorted within days. :facepunch:t2:

Has anyone else updated the DJI RC and Air 2S so that they can now bind ??
GavinHR has the walk-through on YouTube

Can’t wait to try it out

Is this the same @GAVINHR ?

Yes indeed it is.
Apologies for the typo

Ordered the DJI RC for the Air 2S from Amazon today, now to do the weather dance for at least a decent fly day soon.
At least I had accumulated £40 of Amazon vouchers from Microsoft Rewards towards it.

Just paired mine up :smiley: this has made my day, to much faffing with the phone and leads etc so now super quick start ups.

This was quick

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Steve @speatuk
Is this advice only if you have hacked to the FCC spec?

Yes you can hack the Air2s through Drone Hacks to work with the RC controller on the older software without updating the Air2s firmware

Wish I’d seen that before I updated my Air2S firmware from a certain YouTube channel instruction! Seem to have lost my FCC enablement now.

I tried it with my old RC N1 and I still have FCC, just not on the new DJI RC.

Cheers - Rob

Ahhhhh that’s why you never upgrade until you have checked all the “correct” channels.
Sorry for your loss.

You can however, have the RC hacked for fcc but it seams you may have lost the NFZ and height restriction hacks

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I’m not interested in the height restriction or NFZ, just the FCC.

Any clues on the DJI RC hack for FCC?

Cheers - Rob.

In coming PM Rob.