Dji RC N1 controller with a few bits job lot [GONE]

Rc n1 controller used but mint good working order , brand new dji bag , all the filters for the MA2 apart from nd 16 , one box of filters not opened , gimbal cover and some usb leads 4 new props bargain £50 Ono the lot , I just want to put it all in a box and send to one person would be great :+1:t2: pictures to follow I just want to get it out the way out my house I can’t handle clutter :face_with_peeking_eye:,many thanks

Hi , sorry was meant to put collect if possible or plus postage , Thankyou :+1:t2:

Hi I would be very happy to take your clutter off your hands for the sum mentioned if still available regards Mike Scott Stowmarket,suffolk.

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Plus postage is ok, how can we process payment etc. thanks Mike Scott.

@Kirky customer for you pal.

@mikescott if you click on @Kirky photo or name then message , it’s the best way to proceed

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Hi sorry I’ve not messaged anyone back , been out all day trying to source another drone , just got back shall read threw QA tomorrow also have 2 x MA2 / AIR2S battery’s available only a couple of cycles plus charger and power pack , I have enough battery’s so although I replaced my MA2 I still have many bits and bobs , I’ll post tomorrow many thanks all :+1:t2:

Richard Contact me I buy and pay p&p price is right :pray:

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No worries mate you got first refusal , I’ll message you in a bit when I’ve woke up properly :sleeping::face_with_peeking_eye:

Hi @mikescott just replied to the first person that asked me on PM I’ve told them it’s on a first come first serve basis but they did message me Friday night and I said I’d be in touch over the wkd , not realising I’d be out sourcing another one when the message / messages came threw yesterday , hence the late reply for all , can you kindly let me see if he comes back to me as he did ask first , I don’t want to upset anyone and would be fair to do it in the order of peoples interest hope that’s ok , many many thanks

Hi mate x 2 battery’s I need to double check the cycles it is either 3 on one 4 on the other , the cycles are no higher but will double check , I’d like to ask £100 for the 2 , hope that’s ok so that’s roughly half price as you probably know , cheers mate , if not not worries :+1:t2:

HI, thanks for message all ok with me what will be will be .

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Thanks for that , I posted the PM so you could see the guy that inquired first , as said I don’t want to upset anyone and wanted to do it in an orderly manner as such , if the guy had posted straight to the post then you would have seen hence why I attached the link , thanks for your understanding any problems I’ll keep you updated , many thanks

Hi all
As requested, just to confirm I messaged Fri night for bits mentioned (Kirky can confirm) - he’s now sourced a replacement drone so is keeping props but charger instead. Hope that clarifies, thanks!

@SoarAway567 ok thanks , so I can mark that as no longer available ?

Yes please, thanks

@SoarAway567 all done marked as [ gone ] thanks

Sorry late reply busy 5 days my son got married, few airport runs for next 2 days to get guests back on flights, I take them :+1:, message me details with P&P and I will transfer money before you send.

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Cool mate , I’ll PM you bits tomorrow one has done 4 cycles the other 3 :+1:t2: I just checked

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Hi mate can’t PM you as your profile is hidden , so what shall I do buddy , thanks

Are you logged in ?