DJI RC stick sticking?

Just wondering if this is a known issue? The throttle/rudder stick on my DJI RC is sticking, which means it doesn’t auto self-centre any more. Makes taking bracketed shots almost impossible as it’s always ascending or descending.

Could it be a simple fix, or is it a return to DJI UK job? It’s only a few months old, and since it’s for my Air2S, has only had a few flights.

Cheers - Rob

Send it back to DJI, you will have a replacement in 5 - 7 days

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Have you been storing it in your bag with the sticks on ?

I’ll start perusing their website then on how to go about starting a return. Hassle I don’t need :rofl:

Cheers - Rob

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Its no hassle, they are spot on


No, stored in a Lekufee hard case.

Cheers - Rob

According to my receipt, it’s 81 days old, but since I didn’t take out a service plan, I have to pay for its repair. Not much of a guarantee :frowning:

Cheers - Rob

If not under warranty, try drone doctor Brighton, there superb .

I can just return it under the sale of goods act in that it didn’t last a ‘reasonable amount of time’. Consumer law is on my side.

Cheers - Rob

I had a 10 month old pair of FPV goggles with no plan, returned and fixed under warranty.

Have you raised a ticket ?

The website doesn’t half go round in circles trying to find a warranty repair… The only avenue I can find is the paid repair. I filled in the online form and now find it has to be sent to the Netherlands. That’s not going to be cheap from the UK. Given it’ll be a repair and it could fail again, it might be best for me just to bite the bullet and buy another remote.

Cheers - Rob

A fix at drone doctor will be quicker & cheaper by far I would have thought, very reputable company, used them quite a lot & im sure there turn around will be quicker, not trying to sell there business mate, just from experience, others could probably say the same too :+1:t2:

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@vk2gom im sure you get a small discount too for being a member on here.

@kirky I’ve emailed them just now. It’d cost me 30-odd quid to send to the Netherlands for starters anyway!

Cheers - Rob


Just use the live chat

You can do it from the fly app


It’s still under warranty :man_shrugging:t2:

Yes I was just going going say, or was meant too say rather, if they won’t do it under warranty as the guy said

So the other would be cheaper or less hassle if it came too it but yes, I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it under warranty.