So I’ve sold my Mini 3 Pro, but the new owner doesn’t want the RC as he’s already got an RC Pro.

I don’t need it for my Air 2S as I always use the Smart Controller, so this can go on to somebody else.
I bought it with the M3P, so there’s no seperate box, but it will be packed in the M3P box it came in.
Included will be a (knockoff) set of Ken Dono’s “Love Handles” so you can attach a neck strap. There is also a screen protector (I’m not sure if there’s one on it, I can’t remember if I fitted one (I bought 3, one went on my other RC I had, and there’s one left, so stands a chance to have one fitted).
I used it to go out flying 6 times (M3P had done 18 flights, and I used 3 batteries everytime I went out) so basically as new.
I want £185, but I will stand the postage (probably Evri Next Day)

Located in West Midlands (M6/M6 Toll) if you want to fetch it.
I’ll include an Allen Key if you want to take off the “Love Handles”


@Hotrodspike John,
Gonna have to reduce the price of mine now eh :grinning:
(only joking mate)

It’s only that price because I’ve sold the Mini 3 Pro, and I don’t have any need for it. I sold a “bare” one a few weeks ago for 175, with no protection or love handles and that was what I paid for it.

One went a few days ago for 185 similar usage to yours so that must be the right -ish price.