DJI SDK for Mini 3 / Pro released

RC-N1 and RC Pro only - no mention of the RC


Only Android at this moment

Hello litchi and waypoints :grin:

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Excellent news Andy @notascooby - thanks for sharing :smiley:

This has come a lot sooner than everyone was expecting too :partying_face:

Probably no need to support the regular DJI RC as third party apps can’t be side loaded anyway :thinking:

I’ve not followed development of the DJI RC closely, can you install the Amazon App Store app on it? And download Litchi via there? (as you would for DJI CrystalSky and DJI Smart Controller)


Rich, I have not looked into it. I have not spotted any way of loading apps on the RC, but I am still very much a novice

Dronelink seem to have got a Beta app out now.

Not got round to trying yet though. Shame the RC controller wont accept apps.

Is this stick-based emulation rather than fully autonomous waypoint missions? :thinking:

(Ie. Controller connection required at all times?)

Yes I think so. Just loaded it up and its recognised the Mini 3Pro straight away. Took off and flew round the garden a bit at low level. All seems ok. Just reading the tutorials before trying anything else.
As soon as Litchi is available Ill probably use that as Im fairly familiar with it unless there are some facilities that arent in Litchi.

All fly app drones are and from what I gather all new drones will be and storing the waypoints on the drone it a thing of the past

I’d heard rumours of such things but was hoping the “pro” would have overcome this :cry:

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Been having a play around with the Dronelink beta, it’s pretty crashy (app wise not drone wise) at the moment but restarting the app does recover the flight, and RTH on the controller works regardless. Actual flight seems stable and the latest release has added support for the 48 mp in waypoints which is nice.

I do like dronelink but it royaly pisses me off that the $50 tier doesn’t give you automatic sync to airdata. That should be basic functionality in any hobbiest plan. Same goes for setting connection lost behaviour and shooting high resolution images.

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