DJI "Set a New Standard" product launch - June 15th 9:00 EDT / 14:00 BST

So what we thinking it might be ……:video_camera::movie_camera::camera:

Hopefully a new distribution service so we can get some mini 3 flymore kits and all the other stuff dji bring out but take ages to ship


DJI Filing Cabinet 1.0 :man_shrugging:

3S :open_mouth:

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wonder if they are dipping a toe into the 360cam market to rival insta360 :thinking:

Not sure if this helps but I ordered a MIni 3 and fly more. The delivery date said 16 june, but I checked a few days later and there was no date. I figured they were struggling to deliover stuff so there would be a delay. I use the website chat featre to ask why the date had disappeared and they said it would be with me in 48 hours, and it was. Not sure if it was because I reached out or just random luck.

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A new ronin

RS3 Pro?


New FPV with dual cameras. FPV and a Hasselblad video camera.:
At a pinch it might be an Inspire 3 with an industry leading Zenmuse X9 camera.

What from DJI ? Wow

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Probably a new Ronin, there’s been loads on ebay the last couple of days (people getting rid before prices drop?)

Just bumping this in case anyone is that curious they have to watch, later. :wink:

So far just stuff for the Ronin, nothing drone related so far.

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Not a surprise, then. :wink:

Looks like they’re really marketing into the film industry. Can see how this stuff would be useful there.

Boring to me though. Wanted drones. Back to work.