DJI Smart Controller and Mavic Air 2

I was chatting with a few drone pilots on Facebook last night where I asked the question about MA2’s and Smart Controllers. I was told that there was already compatibility and there had been for approx. six weeks! I wasn’t aware of this. I had already written to DJI support and asked them, but hadn’t received an answer.
This morning, I had the answer, direct from support. Interesting! Here it is;

Hi Customer,

Thank you for contacting DJI Technical support.

We greatly appreciate your interest in our products!
DJI MAVIC AIR 2 are not yet compatible with DJI Smart Controller.
Our developers are still in the procedure to add the DJI Fly app in DJI Smart Controller.
Your feedback will be definitely cascaded to the concerned team for their further review.

Please stay tuned for more updates through our official website.
Thank you for choosing DJI products.

Best Regards

They know not of what they speak

It deffo does work, check out Heliguy


Very interesting, @milkmanchris. The opposite of what my email said! Why the hell would that be?

I’ve got them and it DOES work since last firmware upgrade to SC. although orientation arrow is 45• off and 5 yrds right of centre. Even after full calibration of controller and MA2…

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@custommicros sounds odd! I’m holding off buying the MA2 and SC until they come in a package having had DJI deny all knowledge of a compatibility! I imagine your issues will be addressed in an upgrade soon?

DJI email support can be hit or miss.

It was the same with the release of M2P when people had questions about precision landing.

The email you received is probably just a standard response that’s not been updated yet.

Try asking in live chat.

It’s clearly marked as supported on DJI site though.

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Hmm, interesting! Do you have a link to chat? I don’t see one.

Not sure they will package together as MA2 is seen as consumer drone not pro. One other thing to mention is that they are slow to update the fly app on SC. I am now 2 updates behind, not a massive issue as I bought it to cut out all the messing around setting up phone etc… just switch on and fly.

Having come from inspire1 remote was missing additional functions on the Controller. SC gives back 2nd scroll wheel (used for new zoom function update) plus 2 programmable buttons on the underneath to quickly re-centre gimbal and turn on LED underneath, also pause button ( oh shit !!) Button I call it :rofl: which pauses any auto function current in use. Download manual and have a look.


@custommicros Maybe not, very disappointing if that’s the case! My laptop is pretty rammed so, I avoid downloading anything if I can avoid it.

So how on earth are you going to view/edit photos/video you take if you don’t have a few MB for a pdf manual?


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@Pterodactyl, I hope to have gone to a new Chrome by then!

@callum, cheers for the link! I’ll have a look later.

Do you mean chrome laptop ?

@custommicros yes, hopefully not an issue? I’m sick of being stopped in my tracks by ‘upgrades’ with little or no warning.

Chrome books are online tablets with keyboards… basically Internet browsing machines and not very
high spec… they are based around doing everything in Google world…


@custommicros, I don’t see that as an issue? A friend has one and swears by them, particularly in relation to the Microsoft updates! I’m also looking to get a 6g/b phone for flying.

@custommicros, my friend absolutely swears by them! Says he’d never go back with Windows again. He’s a person I trust 100%.

You will if you need to install software to support DJI products - controllers/drones/batteries … because there is no software that runs on them.
Also seriously limited for photo editing and even more so for video editing.

How much drone flying has he done?

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Ok … just trying to pass on some advice based on my own experiences of running an IT company for 24yrs… but hey what do I know…