DJI Smart Controller - charging issue?

I’ve had a smart controller for about 4 months now, and wondered why it wasn’t fully charged yesterday when I took it out.

Today, when I plug it in to charge (using the plug and usb-c cable that came with the Fly More kit), the lights start blinking in sequence slowly as they would do normally. Then, after around 3 flashes, they go much faster which (I think) means there’s a fault?!?!

Anyone know anything about this please?

It’s just charging faster.

If you use a low wattage/amperage charger, it’ll charge slower.

That’s amazing, thanks - don’t know why I hadn’t noticed that before then (or why it wasn’t in the user manual!) :fist_left:t3:

Have had this before as l use a smart controller. Generally if the leds blink faster it will charge to 100% before going off however there are somethings to keep in mind

Use the same cable the controller came with and the charger it came with.
If using a fast charger it has a usb 3 port.
If the controller is already almost charged when topping up it may never reach 100%, let the controller discharge to below 75% before attempting to recharge.
The indicator for full charge is all leds off
Hope it helps