DJI Smart Controller - Early Pre-Flight Thoughts


Ok so how many updates have you had since it arrived ?

Got me wondering why release something if it’s not totally ready

I have had 2 updates since I got the osmo pocket
Just saying


Theres been 3 updates Since Monday.

With the middle update being the one with the Waypoints 2.0 feature added. so Go4 V4.3.12 is it?

Im still trying to find out what this last update is for. :thinking:

Btw…how are you getting along with Osmo pocket? looks a fab bit of kit!


It’s great am going to up some clips of the holiday and working on a review real world all the setting. I have registered several channels on you tube entitled “The Old Fart” and a web domain name too so at some point when it’s going I will be looking for input from you guys with your kits and thoughts ok list of what I registered


Awesome!! Thats a canny project. I look forward seeing more at some stage. :blush::+1:

What about DroningOldFarts ?:stuck_out_tongue:


It’s there oldfartdrones


@sunstone So,my question is,what the hell has has firmware version v01.00.0360 added,deleted or generally fixed or cocked up !!?:thinking::thinking::+1:


Looking at the release notes…it looks like 350 was perhaps a cockup as they’re no mention of it if you look down the page, its on there where 310 is. HHmm

Nothing too amazing i have to report. Although my controller asked me for the first time whether I wanted to use the SD card I’ve inserted as portable media or internal media. SO thats new! :thinking:


Will have to scratch me cranium to think up some more :stuck_out_tongue:


I see it added,spanish to the lingo,wander if has proper Aussie,lingo,as opposed to the pommie lingo,!!!


HAHHA that’ll be 370 which wil be released in about 7 minutes time if DJI are anything to go by :stuck_out_tongue:


So,thats the weekend sorted then,firmware updates!!!:rofl::rofl:Well better than freezing the digits off flying
the drone!:joy::joy::rofl:


Im hoping to get somewhere on Saturday as I have most of it to myself. Wife disappearing with kids for a night.

Once upon a time, This kind of opportunity would’ve meant drinky sesh…now its dronie sesh!! hahaha what it is to get older :rofl:

Good luck with your updates. Hope you manage a bit of air time :+1::wink:


Know that feeling,still like my tinnies,but drone sesh,yup definitely,getting older!!!:rofl::rofl::+1:


No flying today (lots of snow :frowning_face:) so playing with the controller. One problem I’ve had is that I can only access the internal stoarge when connected by USB to my PC and not the SD card.


Thats interesting.

When you inserted the SD Card, did the controller ask you something like 'Is this for Internal Storage or Portable Media ?

I got these two options.


Yes, I think I selected internal storage, the other was greyed out on mine.

Anyway, I managed to transfer files via Bluetooth


I’m afraid it gave me the waypoints but didn’t stop the previous update showing on the screen.It still wants me to update to the earlier version. Looks like it’s quite common a lot of people have the same problem :roll_eyes:


I do like the look of this new controller and have one on reserve, just waiting for pay day. What I did consider though is I have a Crystal Sky Ultra 7.85" and I wondered about getting the connector for the current controller, but I read a lot of people say that the connector doesn’t tighten enough and the screen can flop about. So, I considered getting the smaller Crystal Sky with the connector, anyone done this? My concern here was that its position would block the screen on the standard controller and there is a lot of info on that screen you can’t seem to get anywhere else. Anyone got any experience of doing this?


I have one of the lifthor maybe ideal for your CS
Link here to my photo and a bit cheaper than a whole new controller