DJI Smart Controller - Early Pre-Flight Thoughts


Theres no download limit on your internet is there? :wink:

If you get super stuck with wifi maybe give DJI Assistant 2 a whirl on your PC :


Since getting mine on Monday I’ve only nipped out for the briefest of flights. Im not wanting to try a first decent flight in the dark! lol

Fingers crossed you get out tomorrow :crossed_fingers:


No no limit on it but I’ve only tried the WiFi at home at the moment,seems quite common looking at various posts. I will try downloading that assistant 2 tomorrow I think. Couple of people have said do a factory reset which I tried but no go. Others have said link your phone via the hotspot. That assistant 2 seems to sort things out so I’ll go down that route. Never had a problem using WiFi before.
Thanks for the info :+1:


I had the exact opposite. Wifi was fine (still is!) but Assistant 2 wouldnt work. All good now though, my Assistant 2 just needed updating. :wink:

Good luck!


Indeed, I wasn’t aware there were model-specific Assistant 2s until I updated a few days ago.


@firefox8 @MadScientist @philh24 I managed to install Lightroom CC onto the controller. Im not wanting to load this up with apps but thought a decent image editor could be useful for ‘on-the-fly’ editing.

I got it here :

It takes a bit of downloading but works just fine. You’ll need an adobe account. You can setup a free one if need be. :+1:


I tihnk I must have got lucky the very first time I installed the Assistant 2 for the Mavic but when it came to updating it I had installed the wrong version. A quick uninstall and re-install with the correct version did the trick.

Just a touch confusing I’d say.


Ok I had a look at the spec (seeing as you have been harping on about it):thinking::wink::grin:
So my question to you lucky people is how easy is it to screen record while in the air I’m iOS and wondered how android works with this


Ive not tried it yet. :see_no_evil: But apparently from whatever screen you’re in, simply swipe down from the top of screen which reveals some settings and click ‘record’. Screen capture is there too.


I was just about to reply the same. Mine’s just updating again!


Was just about to tell you re update too. Mines doing the latest one as I type. :grin::ok_hand:


Just finished one update, now it’s updating again to ver 0360


Mines doing 360 now too. 32% done.

Trying to see what the update is doing. Cant see any notes anywhere.


One thing about the Controller design is that I can’t believe they haven’t provided a rubber cover for the output connections. These are exposed on the top of remote when in use - therefore vunerable to the slightest amount of rain\snow. Weatherproof it’s not.


Well my updating problems have resolved themselves,switched it on this morning and voila said I had an update and the update worked straight away though WiFi,I now have waypoints.
Funny thing is it still says I have another update that I can’t have because of network issues but that one is a lower version than I already have. Hopefully it will magically disappear :wink:


Useful to know gents thanks


Nothing on the drones/controllers disappears with anything they update.
It’s all a pain in the rear!.
They balls up the Phantoms Visions range, and then denied all responsibility of putting them right (except in USA). Luckily I could (unlike some) put it right with my knowledge of electronics.


Hey Phil

The latest version that seems to have been released this morning is v01.00.0360 …Once you’ve updated the controller, your M2 will want updating too. It’ll do this when you connect to the controller to the M2. Just make sure you have an internet connection. ! :smiley:


Theres gonna be point when my controller becomes stable where I’ll probably not update it (if I have that option) as I’ve heard a few horror stories. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Given their recent statement about their staff potentially cutting corners on internal matters I can only hope that DJI learns to smarten itself up!


It’s a shame that they do not work to solidify their place in the top drone market, not that they are not all ready at the top!.
They seem to pay no attention to customers requirements, some people have had good experiences, but, a lot more have had really bad experiences.
I just hope they don’t balls up again at some point.