DJI Verification Video

Hello all,
This is Dennis, fairly new to the platform so please bare with me.
I recently received my DJI Air 2S, on Monday 13th December, bought from Curry’s.
DJI have said that they require me to do a Verification Video, but l am struggling to sort this, l have attempted it but l don’t know if the recording is to the SD Card or Internal Storage, the instructions appear straight forward, but l am still struggling to understand, perhaps over thinking it, can anyone offer some advice, please be gentle, l am already stressed about it. Cheers

You record the screen on your phone. And then upload the video from your phones media library.

Does this help. DJI Care Refresh verification instructions - YouTube


Hello ensignvorik,
My mobile phone is Android, l appreciate your advice but l can’t locate any additional videos to my phone other than that of one of my Granddaughter’s riding her new bike, cheers anyway. I can’t locate a Media Library on the Samsung Galaxy S21 5G Ultra!




Internal storage - DCIM - Screen recordings

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Good evening Callum,

Thank you for answering my confusion, l have spent a hour or so on the phone with Samsung, they came to my rescue when DJI wasn’t recognising the Samsung Ultra S21 5G Android, and Google stopped allowing folk to get the DJI APP through them, so l got my Apps through the Galaxy Store.

However, it was suggested about doing a Screen Shot, l had no joy, the Samsung support said that if its not in your Gallery, then it may well be in the My Files Folder, it wasn’t there either, l have made another attempt and downloaded the file, l am not even sure from watching it, as to whether DJI will accept this as verification evidence, its uploaded to my phone and its in my Gallery and the File Folder, going to try using the Link DJI Support gave me to upload to them, if its not satisfactory, l will have to find another way around this loop hole, thanks l will try your suggestion too. Thanks again.

Kindest regards


I don’t know what DJI’s requirements are, but could you get someone to film your phone/drone/app with their phone?

Record your screen

Note: Screen recorder will not record phone, VOIP calls, or video calls. Additionally, some apps may block the screen recorder feature due to copyright restrictions.

Instead of using a third-party app, record your screen on Galaxy phones with Screen recorder. Record anything that’s displayed on your screen! You can even use the front camera to record yourself during the video. Screen recordings can be accessed in Gallery, or in the My Files app by tapping Internal storage, and then tapping the DCIM folder.

  1. Open the Quick settings panel by swiping down from the top of the screen with two fingers. Then, tap Screen recorder.

2.Note:* If the Screen recorder icon is not there, you can add it to the Quick settings panel.

Screen recorder icon highlighted on a Galaxy phone

  1. Choose your desired option, such as No sound, Media sounds, or Media sounds and mic, and then tap Start recording.

  2. Once the countdown finishes, your phone will start recording whatever’s on the screen.

  3. To add yourself to the video using the front-facing camera, just tap the Front camera icon – it looks like a person icon. A small window will appear in the upper left corner and will record everything you do.

Screen recorder panel with front camera and pencil icon highlighted on a Galaxy phone

  1. For extra fun, you can also write on the screen while it’s recording. Tap the Pencil icon, select your desired color, and then use your finger or S Pen to write on the screen. However, you cannot interact with games, videos, or navigational options while you’re writing on the screen.

  2. Tap the Pencil icon again to stop drawing. Once you turn off the Pencil feature, the screen will go back to normal and you can continue recording regularly.

  3. When you’re done recording, tap the Stop icon. The video will be automatically saved in Gallery.

Hi ensignvorik,

Still on the trail of trying to get this sort, l am amazed at the support that l have received from Grey Arrow Club Members, what a community.

DJI have sent me a visual interpretation of what they want, they must have read my email properly, l can therefore be guided by this, its just to work out if this is right and they should know, how to upload it to their link. Cheers and thanks very much for your time.

I shall keep you informed as to if l ever achieve this arduous task!



Hello Callum,
l had a member come to see me today about the the DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo, that l am selling, also giving away a SG906 Beast Drone, with package.

As we got talking he remarked that he has his PCSO and so teaches people to fly Drones, so what l have given him as an complimentary gift is going to do some good for some lucky individual.
In saying this Callum, l told him that l was so humbled by the support l received from fellow Grey Arrows Members, who offered me instruction, he has video recorded me carrying out DJI’s arduous task, we couldn’t upload it to the Link DJI Support gave, so he’s taken it back home to Leeds, to get it uploaded to DJI’s Link address and send this back to them, hopefully this will satisfy DJI, so that l can buy my Care Refresh for my DJI Mavic Air 2S, Cheers for your time.

Hi ensignvorik,
Out of respect and curtesy l am returning to inform you that, as l was selling a DJI Mini 2 Fly More package with accessories + also giving away an complimentary Drone as a gift, l had a member get in touch showing interest for this Mini 2, so he drove from Leeds, to collect this from me, l mentioned being humbled by the advice from Grey Arrow members as l was struggling to do this Verification Video, so he recorded me carrying out this arduous task, wasn’t able to upload it yet, so he will do this for me, one turn deserves another, so my give away Drone will make some individual very happy, Cheers for your time. Thanks again.

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