DJI virtual flight app my first attempt 🤪

Off work at the moment suffering from Torticollis. Which is a muscle spasm in the neck and at present I can’t lift or turn my head much. So I’ve spent the past few days sitting on my phone, not a lot more I can do. Laying down is too painful so I’ve been up most of the nights.
Having a major interest in fpv drones I decided to take a look at the DJI virtual flight app. I figured i can’t be the only person interested so I screen recorded my attempts and this is my first one.
As I can’t lift my head to edit the footage on my laptop I had to use flimorago on my Sony 1 iv.
Let me know in the comments what you thought of my first attempt at the DJI virtual flight app and if you’ve used it let me know what you think of the app.
And if you’re an experienced fpv pilot share your thoughts as I’m kind to find out how similar the app is to actually piloting a real fpv drone :+1:
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Hope you get better soon, sounds painful!

Well done. And for the next attempt, try Manual :joy:

Thank you :grin:
I have a second clip where I was in sport and mid flight it changed into manual :exploding_head: haha was an experience lol

Must have nimble bum-cheeks to fly the sim like that! :rofl:

Hope the neck sorts itself soon. :+1:

Excellent well done. I hope your condition improves very soon, fingers crossed

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What on earth do you mean :joy:
It’s similar to flying a plane in :thinking: ace combat I think that’s the game it reminds me of?!?
I’ll give it another crack once my phone has charged :+1:
Thanks for your comment.


Thank you. I’ll record my next attempt later and hopefully record some sound too :joy:
Doctors given me diazepam for the neck, I hope that helps with sleep tonight :+1:

I think getting use to the controls is vital :joy: as you saw in the video there were times I got totally confused which did what :rofl: