DJI vs TrustPilot

Have you seen this?

TrustScore 1.0 out of 10

This is like all the fly-away posts.
After each flight, people without a fly-way don’t post “Whoop - no fly-away!”
So the frequency of this “phenomenon” is over hyped …imo.
Same on this … moaners like to moan, slaggers like to slag … happy people are busy flying/editing. :stuck_out_tongue:
… imo.

Very true Dave… I can’t say I’ve ever posted a good review on TrustPilot, I only ever post when I’m pissed off :rofl:

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Trust pilot is a joke these days.

Those who pay trustpilot can have negative reviews removed and influence the score.

The smaller companies who don’t pay look worse in comparison.

No faith in trustpilot anymore.

Hopefully DJI aren’t paying? LOL!

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You will know when they do as overnight they will jump to 9.9

Blimey! Wasn’t aware of that :open_mouth:

Any alternatives out there?

Take a look at trustpilot on trustpilot. They used to be very low but have been cleaning up reviews. Some make interesting reading. You normally get a few days of 1 stars then they are flagged and never seen again.

Don’t know about alternatives. There are a few.

I generally just Google a company I don’t know. Normally feedback on forums etc.

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Trustpilot pricing

£349 per month for pro membership.

Wonder how much for enterprise. trustpilot