I wondered what my FPV quad looked like in motion - here’s my attempt to find out - it seems I need more lights on it :slight_smile:

Lets play - ‘How good is your eyesight?’

You may need to select 4K :man_facepalming:

1st part is a long run and nearly ditching it just about as far away as possible.
2nd part - I tried to stay in shot of the M2 :man_shrugging:
(My better half was in charge of the M2)


Is the M2 footage stabilised in post?

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Not available …


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No - super windless day :+1: (and I wouldn’t know how to stabilise in post :wink: )

4K is available for it - (it did take ages for YT to process) - can you view other 4K YT vids Dave?

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On my 1080 screen, yup. :rofl:

Although - tracking that might need 8k in any case. I did spot it a few times (even when it wasn’t close) though! :+1:

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In the 1st clip the Mavic is about 80m up - I wanted to show the obstacles at distance when it was at the other end of the Golf Course - for the 2nd part the Mavic was about 40m up, I wanted to fly closer to the M2 - not easy at all it’s super hard to judge distance when it’s in the air :man_shrugging:

The Mavic definitely affected Video on the DJI FPV gear though - I flew the 3rd battery after the Mavic had landed and the goggle view was significantly better - (although I did swap the 2s Lipo in the Goggles for a 3s at the same time)

Both screen grabs are in the same location.

Mavic Airborne

Mavic Landed

Daft fun video though :+1:


I have 2 strong urges watching this video… the 1st is getting the glow sticks out :joy:, the 2nd… i have gotta get me one of those… that looks fun piloting a drone the way you did there


It is an absolute blast… apart from when you have to go looking for it after an unscheduled landing :man_facepalming::rofl:

Loving that idea! :clap::clap::clap:



Fpv is just amazing! If I could do it for a living I would quit my job today!

I’m enjoying your videos dude.

Take a look at the menacerc leds


Totally :+1:

Cheers :+1:

Those LED’s look spot on! :ok_hand: - I’ll get some white ones when they’re in stock :+1:

Top tip. Don’t look at them without shades on. They are seriously bright

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I can’t stop watching this…

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The strobes under there are the Flytron Strobons … superb, they are. Very small and lightweight.
Built-in small battery - no wiring - last quite a while on one charge.

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GADC member discount available for Strobon LEDs from Flytron, check out #members-only :+1:t2:

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