DNG file dimensions anomoly

I’ve just noticed that the Mavic Pro DNG files are showing as 960x720.
Strange - because they correctly open as 4000x3000, so it’s just their exif data that’s incorrect?
I’m surprised Win10 doesn’t obtain this info directly from the image, rather than the exif.


Yah, DNG’s can contain a thumbnail image of the original for fast previewing - Guessing those are the dimensions being shown.

Care to share one so we can see if it’s windows or the actual file - I have a MAC so can check on that.

Seems a large value for a thumbnail.

Can’t upload a .DNG here.

RAW files from my SLR have thumbnails, but show the correct image size.


my email is simon[at]flymavic.co.uk

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Useful site. Hadn’t bumped into that one before.

It’s on its way.

Of ocurse, the MAC has it’s own problem displaying thumbnails for DJI DNGs, but the size reported looks correct now

I guess Win10 is just being lazy and using the exif data … which seems to be incorrect. Hey-ho! Technology!

Like this site … when replies don’t show as a reply. LOL!

Hehe, does it to me too

I think it only does it if the person you are replying to isn’t the last post

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Strange. ICE only sees them as the smaller 960x720 size too. So using them in ICE creates a lower res panorama than using the JPEGs.