Do Drone Signal Boosters Really Work? - VEERRRYYY Interesting

Yagi antennas are very narrowbanded and it’s very doubtful they’d be able to cover the whole of a single band effectively, say 2.4GHz, let alone both 2.4 and 5.8.

If anything you’re probably increasing the amount of RF reflected back at the transmitter. Which 1) reduces the amount of RF transmitted and 2) increases the load on the transmitter, effectively wearing it out faster.

Cutting the pringles can in half now…

Anecdotal I know, but putting parabolics ( 3D printed with foil stuck on ) on the TX allowed my to fly my old Mavic Air up to 2km away, whereas without them the limit was around 700m - on the same day in the same location

Thanks for replies , lots of variables on a couple of flights , one clear day i got furthest ive been in a built up area and on a crappy overcast with the rain coming in humid day it was pants … im not convinced so im away to buy some snake oil to rub on the antennas.
They are a bit of a faff anyway and looking at the drone hacks site digesting the info