Do I need to compass calibrate

I have only flown my ma2 three or four times but it doesn’t ask me to calibrate compass does it do it automatically?

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Its always safe to recalibrate every flight , and its not auto.


Personally I never do it unless it prompts me. As long as the home point sets and checks out on the map, all is good.

Mine have been all over Europe and the Middle East with no issues


All automatic mate, I shouldn’t worry about unless it tells you there’s an error in which case you do the calibration dance and it takes 30seconds :+1:

And when you’ve done it enough try this way… :facepunch:



This … and had my MP for over 4 years and travelled all over Europe during that time - and never calibrated the compass once.

If it suggests you should, first of all move your location by 10m or more. There might be some metal object in the ground. Recently I found a railway line that had been covered in tarmac about 50 years ago.

Remember, if you recalibrate because you are somewhere with something causing the message to recalibrate … and then you fly away from that something … you may create a situation where your drone is in the air and now badly calibrated for its surroundings.