Do you expect to see/hear more drones after Christmas

I live in a medium sized village and as yet I don’t know of anyone else in the village owning a drone. I’ve never seen or heard one apart from my own. I do a lot of videos and put them on youtube and had a lot of comments in person about them. I was saying to my wife a couple of days ago I fully expect there to be another couple of drones in the village come Christmas.

Ahh but the vast majority of them will be sub £100 toys, which the kids will be bored with as soon as the batteries run out :wink:

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People barely have the money to heat there houses or put food on the table. I suspect buying drones is probably as far from the minds of the vast majority of them.

You’ll probably still be the only one in the village after Christmas. TBH, you don’t want more anyway. If you get some nump with a drone who starts causing problems, they will lump you in with them as well.

“Do you expect to see/hear more drones after Christmas”?

Probably not. I live near the centre of an FRZ.

Oh - wait - newbies that know eff all!

Then - probably!


With any luck!!:blush:

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I think it’s as far back as 2016 when it was claimed that drones would be the must have Christmas prezzie. Other than my club flying field I’ve still yet to see another drone out in the wild. But then again, I’ve always said I need to get out more.

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If they get decent ones then no probably won’t see or hear them even if they are there.

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Yeah I agree if they’re good ones then they won’t be noticed

Every Christmas there are a few but most in the sub £100 toy category, they normally crash/fly away/get blown away before Feb :sweat_smile:

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I am the only drone in the village… :smiley: As already mentioned, this year Drones are supposed to be the biggest selling technology item this Christmas, so I’m guessing most wont have a licence, any idea, and quite a few crashes… it’s Christmas… Have a good one and happy New Year.

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There have been a few Xmas pressie videos uploaded to the DJI FPV Drone FB group demonstrating a lack of skill in inappropriate areas.

Birth control by their parents?

Will probably be a couple of these over the next few weeks